Friday, October 5, 2007

Welcome to me....

It's difficult welcoming anyone to a blog whilst presuming that no-one is reading! Blog world is a strange place, one that I will hopefully be grateful for. The reason I have started this blog is mainly to use it as a place to write down and formulate my thoughts; specifically my thoughts about Jesus and all other things coming from Him.
The idea to start a blog came from my interaction at another blog. I was googling the sovereignty of God and I came across some guys blog. He is very articulate and obviously wants to get to know God better, however upon reading his posts I felt sad that this guy was writing about God in a way in which i thought he was doing Him a disservice. I wrote on his blog with some thoughts and he subsequently annihilated me, and ultimately called me a heretic. Obviously i didn't particularly appreciate this but I figured I'd take my friends advice and not continue to discuss things with him as it was pointless to try by-pass his arrogance. That is were the idea to start a blog came from. My friend suggested that I write down my thoughts on my own blog rather than someone elses. He was dead right. He's a clever little fella. So thats what I plan to do.
As you can see this is actually my second post, my first one below, is Psalm 27; my favourite psalm. I figured I'd start off blog world with that Psalm that declares so well the truths of who God is to me.
oh and my name is Fergus and its nice to meet myself!