Saturday, October 6, 2007

Rugby World Cup

I won't disgrace my blog by commenting on Irelands farcical tournament. What I will do however, as the England Australia game has just started is predict that England will win. The only reason i'm writing it down is that when then win and people join me in saying I told you so, I will actually have told you so. They will be lying, as technically England haven't got a chance and they will have said that, but I just fear that they'll win because they're so crap. No reasoning behind it, I just think they'll win. I also think France will take New Zealand, they'll turn in a show like they did in the '99 world cup and the all greys will be crying all the way home. I also have to add that it's a disgrace that France sold themselves out by giving cardiff a quarter final. they are paying for it now in that France, at home in the FRENCH world cup, have to play a game in Cardiff. go figure. Argentina and south africa to win tomorrow.