Sunday, October 7, 2007

told you so

So looks like I called it exactly right. I'm rather proud of myself, especially cause everyone told me I was off my banger thinking England would beat the aussies and especially that France would send the Kiwi's packing. But it happened. The rugby world cup has just redeemed itself. There is a great article about the French game here.

School reunion was great fun. Most people haven't change a bit. The first two people I met said the following quotes "You've changed most out of everyone here" and: "you haven't changed a bit". I fear the former had a problem in finding a way in starting our conversation! was great to see everyone. Funny how most people genuinely haven't changed. Was a very late one...4am, i'm not used to that carry on anymore so I was pretty tired this morning. Was great to see that no one got absolutely hammered drunk. refreshing to have some nice genuine conversations with people. 10 years later and some guy asked could he meet me to talk about religion, he said "I'm a catholic and I'm not into your stuff, but i'd like to talk to you about God and stuff". I'll have to make sure that happens, it'd be great to chat to him.