Thursday, November 22, 2007

Delirious: TBMC 21st November 2007

I love Delirious. People give them a hard time for different reasons, however it's obvious to me that Martin Smith is a man in love with Jesus. Granted some of their music has been fairly rubbish but the last album was a pretty good one with some wonderful worship songs on it. Martin was unfortunately not on form last night, he was pretty sick and forgot and mixed up words to a few songs. I greatly admire the fact that he still played the gig and obviously was worshipping Jesus but you could just tell something was a miss. I really enjoyed some moments, most notably 'take off my shoes', 'majesty' and 'our god reigns', but the rest was pretty frustrating. Not least the fact that the crowd were pretty annoying and its always hard at a gig like that - I just want to hear their worship songs, but they throw in random pop type songs that wreck my buzz!! also playing 5 new songs in a 13 song setlist isn't something that appeals to me. here's the setlist:

Stare the Monster Down
Rain Down
Solid Rock
Break the Silence (Illuminate)
Kingdom of Comfort
Take off My Shoes
History Maker
Paint the Town Red
Our God Reigns
God is Smiling
My Soul Sings

If I was asked to pick a setlist right now here's what I would have gone for...

God You are My God
My Glorious
God In Heaven
I'm Not Ashamed
Miracle Maker
Thank You for Saving me
Kiss Your Feet
Jesus Blood
Take Off My Shoes
Our God Reigns