Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Saturday

I always wonder what happened on Easter Saturday. Was God effectively dead? A dark dark day in history. No hope. Where was Jesus when he died? he says to the man beside him on the cross that "you will be with me today in paradise", however in Peter chapter 3 I think it is, it says that he was preaching to the souls in prison? it's an interesting one. I don't know if these souls where necessarily human, they could have been the nephilim from Genesis. I don't know if Jesus was necessarily preaching the Gospel in a hope to save them, but moreso, preaching to them the Truth of what had just taken place and what was a bout to take place. That there master had been defeated. sin has lost its power, death has lost it's sting. I have no answers and its interesting to think upon, however it is a question we will never really know the answer to unless Jesus decides to reveal it to us when we meet him. What i do know is that Easter Sunday is by far the best day in our calender. Victory Day.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Counting Crows

So today tickets went on sale for a Counting Crows show in a relatively small venue called the Ambassador, I got tickets which I'm pretty happy about. two things i noticed though...
1. I got seated tickets....this says a lot. it's the first time i've ever intentionally bought seated tickets for a gig. i'm getting old.
2. I've seen the counting crows about 20 times at this stage. yes, completely rediculous I know. I don't know what to notice about that except they better play an exceptional setlist. 20 times seeing a band, is a lot of time, energy and cash. and the funny thing is that the first two times i saw them, that was in 1997 which equals more than 10 years ago which scares me silly, were the best times. the show in 2000 was pretty awesome too. this one better be as good. I often imagine meeting adam duritz (again, i met him in 97 and he was a very cool guy) and he asks me did i enjoy the show and i for some reason thinking he'll think i'm awesome tell him "yeah, it was a great show, it was up there with the show i saw in 97 which was the first of 20 shows i've seen you play - i'm so your biggest fan". he would say "thats awesome man", while under his breath whispering to his guitarist Dave (who i'd rather talk to anyway) "loser".