Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Opportunities and Truth

Today I got an amazing opportunity to talk to two people in work about Jesus. Something came up yesterday from a staff member who said she was doing an essay in college about religious diversity and she was doing a little bit on Islam and Christianity (she didn't really know what she was doing). I just happened to have a book in my car on the differences between the teachings of Jesus and Mohammad. We chatted briefly about it, but when i got up this morning I asked Jesus to maybe help facilitate a conversation about him today and low and behold that is exactly what happened, for an hour and a half.
they are both practicing catholics, one a genuine enough practicing catholic. the other is a typical irish practicing catholic; she'll do the sacraments and get her kids to aswell, but shes a "doesn't mind what religion they are as long as they're happy" kindof practicing catholic and thinks the church needs to move with the times.
anyways, i really got to talk about Jesus. Proper Jesus, Saviour King Jesus, Compassionate Jesus, Jesus who loves them so so dearly and wants the very best for them. Jesus who doesn't want me to judge them, but to love them. Jesus who is truth.
thats the one thing that really struck me throughout the whole conversation; Truth. There is truth and its Jesus. I know this, but it becomes so real when you're talking to people who don't know him for who he really is. It's incredible to know the truth and to know truth himself. I was so so grateful after talking to them because of 1. Jesus gave me the opportunity to talk to them about him and 2. because it was so exciting for me to articulate truths about him that resonate so deeply within me and for which I'm so so thankful to Jesus, my father God, and the holy spirit for revealing them to me. I can just pray now that they are doing the same with the people in work. If anyone is reading this (Hoey & Alan I think are the two faithfuls - much appreciated!!); keep them in your prayers. I'm not gonna write their names cause I'm their boss and it wouldn't be very professional of me!

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Love this! Thanks for the post!