Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Things I have decided today...

I do not blog enough

I spend too much time reading other peoples blogs

I waste valuable time and brain energy writing on other peoples blog that which I should actually write here

I can't wait to get married on Friday

Pearl Jam live shows are always awesome

I want either a VW Golf GTI or a BMW 318

I can't wait to go away on my honeymoon

Sometimes I think way too much

I'm being humbled by the day at the seriousness of marriage

I have no idea and its a scary thought to think of where I'd be without Jesus

My wife to be is very amusing

I'm more tired than I can remember

There are not enough hours in the day between now and 12:30 on Friday when I get married

I am amazed at how evidently God has gone before me and Jane this past while in our preparation for our wedding day

I didn't think I'd ever actually want to sacrifice so much for someone (apart from Jesus!)

I have a lot of books to read and I don't know which ones to take on my honeymoon with me, that's not a decision - just a statement.

Fig Rolls are STILL the greatest biscuit ever and never fail to bring me much satisfaction.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting married very soon!

Why one of those two cars? They are awfully expensive... Is there a better way for a Christian to spend their money?

I know your wife would think so...haha

Bryan L said...

You don't blog enough!

Hope the wedding was great and you're enjoying married life!!! Congrats!


Roger Mugs said...

etting married IS way cooler than anyone had prepared me for.