Thursday, May 29, 2008

things i love today...

I love how Jesus makes all things new.

I love how death is not the end.

I love how the Trinity sets the platform for relationship and thats what they want us to join into, relationship with them and with those around us.

I love how heaven is a real place.

I love how Paul says that if our faith and hope in Jesus isn't real, we'd be the sorriest people around!

I love how we really have no idea about heaven, or what happens straight after we die, or about the 'rapture' or about things of that nature...but when it's revealed to us, it's gonna blow our minds.

I love the verse in 2 Corinthians 5 ...away from the body at home with the Lord.

I love that death has lost it's power and sting and the enemy has been defeated.

I love that my grandad is in heaven right now, sharing in the joy of the trinity, with his own little trinity aswell....his adorable most amazing wife Mary and my big brother David who I most definitely can't wait to meet.

I love that I'll get to join them, hopefully not too soon, but someday!!