Thursday, May 22, 2008

worship songs continued...

Obsession - Delirious? / David Crowder Band

Either version is good with me. Although Martin Smiths "I need you Jesus" on the Live in The Can album gets me everytime. A wonderful song.

From The Inside Out - Hillsong United

I only discovered these guys less than a year ago and some of their stuff is amazing. This is an incredible worship song. I'm always challenged about living from the inside out - that the overflow of my heart will be all things Jesus and that I'll be radically honest with those close to me about who I am. It can be far too easy to do the outside in thing and pretend everything is ok on the outside in the hope that it'll change whats on the inside. that never works. we can't do anything to change the inside except trust and believe what Jesus says about us and what he was done for us.

God of Hope - Charlie Hall

Another very simple song from Mr. Hall. My wifes favourite. Set this hope in me, That I may be pure and holy, that I may be like You only, that I may be completely free.

Let Your Name Be Glorified - Eoghan Heaslip

I love this guy. He's from here in Dublin, although undfortunately he doesn't live here anymore. His albums are incredible and his lyrics wonderful. this song is basically taken from 1 Chronicles 29:10-13. I love singing Let Your Name Be Glorifed over and over at the top of my lungs!

Our God Reigns - Delirious?

The verses I don't think are particularly suited to a congregational setting, however the chorus is enough to send me over the edge. you can't sing Our God Reigns enough.

When The Tears Fall - Tim Hughes

A raw, honest lament that is incredible. I've had questions without answers - we've all had them. to finish the song with "still I will praise you JESUS". wonderful.