Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Worship Songs...

Inspired by Bryan L at his blog I've decided to write down some of my favourite worship tunes.
I'll define worship another time cause I know that if the pastor at my church was reading this he'd be disappointed to see me refer to music in the church as worship! we have interesting discussions!!

Thank You For Saving Me - Delirious?

I love Martin Smith. His heart for Jesus is pretty tangible and if anyone has the new album you'll see by the inlay card that they are all about Jesus and his kingdom which is so refreshing, the music doesn't particularly match up but thats a different matter.
I just love how pure and simple this song is. "Great is the Lord" - never a truer word said.

Better Is One Day - Matt Redman

This song is a staple of mine in worship. It contains one of my favourite verses in the bible - from Psalm 27 One thing I ask, and I would seek, to see Your beauty. I love that line. A lot of people keep telling me (especially in blogoshpere), including the leaders at the church I attend that everything is about the word. word, word, word is all I hear. I respect that, but what about just purely spending time with Jesus? simple as that. gazing upon his beauty. enjoying his company. cataphatic prayer. it's wonderful to bask in his presence. no pen, no paper, no music, no people, no bible - just me and him. I understand the value of the word, I really do, as does the psalmist elsewhere, however I'd love to see more emphasis on a relationship with Jesus. (oh, I should add that I'm aware that the Psamist is talking about God the Father!!)

Holy Holy God Almighty - Brenton Browne

Cracking tune, straight from revelation. I love it. Just declaring who he is. All is his.

Psalm 40 - King David / Bono & the Edge

I Will sing a new song. I adore this tune. Especially Charlie Halls version of it. I do sometimes refrain from shouting "How long to sing this song" cause sometimes I really feel that I'm singing that song in my heart already to Jesus because I've so much to be thankful for. Bryan can you show me how to post songs here so I can put a link to it incase people aren't familiar with it? thanks dude.

Prepare The Way - Charlie Hall

I think Charlie Hall is my favourite worship leader. I love his stuff. This song is wonderful. so simple and such an anthem. While I was facilitating worship for the program leadership team at Teen Street this was especially poignant. wanting everything to be about him. we were there the week before singing this all the time. prepare the way.....and saying and declaring the name of Jesus all over the site of the conference. It was an amazing time.

I'll finish this later as I have to go visit my grandad who's pretty sick...