Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Lisbon Treaty

On June 12th we have a referendum in this country in relation to our status in Europe. The aim of the Treaty is to "complete the process started by the Treaty of Amsterdam and by the Treaty of Nice with a view to enhancing the efficiency and democratic legitimacy of the Union". This Treaty amends the existing EU and EC Treaties but does not replace them.
I don't know much about the treaty however I do know that there are 500 million people living in the EU. Ireland has a population of 4 million people, which makes up less than 1% of the EU’s population. We are the only member state to hold a referendum which is fascinating.
I'm a firm believer that if one has the privilege to vote, they should vote. Therefore I want to cast my vote, however I'm not sure of whether to vote YES or NO. At moment I'm veering towards a YES but i'm going to do some reading over the next few days to help me make my decision. If you're Irish, I encourage you to do the same.

UPDATE: I voted No.