Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our Lady

I don't know what it's like in other parts of the world, but here in Ireland everywhere I go I seem to see Mary. yes, that Mary. The mother of God. Yes, I said that correctly, the mother of God. Or so she's called. She's the earthly mother of Jesus, but somehow the Catholic church seem to translate that into the mother of God. I see her on windows, on cars, at the side of the road, outside churches, inside churches - statues and stickers of her everywhere. Aswell as the 'mother' of God, they also call her the mediatrix of all graces...they actually pray to her. It amazes me. Even if praying to Mary wasn't complete herecy, why would you pray to her instead of Jesus. As my Dad says, if you're sick, you call a doctor, not the doctors mother. The reason I say it's wrong to pray Mary as a mediator is that the bible is clear that there is only one mediator and that man is JESUS (1 Tim 2:5)
I feel so sorry for Catholics caught up in this. The reason I mention it is because I got talking to a girl tonight after church and she was so indoctrinated in Catholicism it was tragic. She couldn't believe it when I showed her 1 Timothy 2:5. I didn't really dwell on pointing out where she was going wrong though, I just wanted to point her to Jesus and give her a truer picture of him. We don't need Mary to tug on Jesus garment and get his attention and tell him "no, you can listen to her, she's ok", or "Jesus, I know you don't really talk to her but will you talk to her for me? I am your mother after all!". Jesus is dying to talk to us. I didn't mean that to lead to the fact that he did die to talk to us, BUT he in fact did. The lengths he has gone to to reconcile us to himself and his father and the spirit. I pray that we realise that he LOVES to talk to us and hear from us.
His mother was a good woman, but she was fallen like the rest of us and should not be made into an idol. I wonder does she know if this goes on. I hope not cause I'd say she'd be devestated. I also think that Joseph would be a bit pissed at the thoughts of people saying she was a perpetual virgin too!