Thursday, June 12, 2008


Monday I was going to see Prince. Prince is awesome. An incredible musician and a truly phenomenal performer. I saw him last August and it was such a great experience. So what do you do when 56,000 fans are looking forward to seeing you in a weeks time...thats right, you CANCEL. For NO reason whatsoever. He cancelled two gigs in Paris and Milan a couple of months ago so apparently this has been coming for a while, but if you're going to cancel a gig cause you couldn't be arsed at least give more notice than a week. So disappointing. Being a fan of Prince is hard work.

However, on my way home from work today there was a competition on the radio to suggest "muppet of the week". I decided to text in my thoughts on Prince being an incredibly big muppet in a small muppets body for disappointing so many fans, some of whom have spent a lot of money to see him. What could have been gig of the year, has turned in to sham of the year. I arrived home and 20 minutes later my phone rang. I WON!! How entertaining and awesome. The prize was a champagne meal for two in some fancy pants restaurant in Blackrock. money won't matter that night....