Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Children's Court...

Today, I spent the morning in the Children's Court in Dublin as one of the young people in our care was up on some charges. It is not a nice place. Most of the young people I saw where trying so hard to play up that they were as tough as nails, but beneath their eyes were very hurting, confused and sad children.
A third of the young people who present themselves to the childrens court, do not live with either parent. And at most 20% of them are currently in education. There is something seriously amiss with our society that this is the case. I have no idea on how to break this kind of cycle but it is heartbreaking to spend time in the courts to see what kind of kids are there.
The girl in our care is desperately trying to tell us she needs help, however she refuses any help we give her. The bail conditions imposed are completely attainable, but it is a huge probability that she will break them; purely because she wants to reject us before we reject her (as she will see it). I'm praying that somehow the cycle in her life can be broken and she can experience some sort of freedom.