Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Delirious? The End of an Era

"Rock n Roll is everything,
everything to a lonely man,
and never will i bow to you"

"Save me from the kingdom of comfort where I am King, from my unhealthy lust of material things"

Fitting that these are the first words from the last Delirious? Album. They just announced on Sunday that they are going to cease at the end of next year. Truly an end of an era. Delirious, most notably Martin Smith and to a lesser extent Stu G have been the forerunners in worship music over the last 15 or so years. Martin Smith is a man who is so obviously in love with Jesus that it flows through his songs like new wine.
"so many songs I've sung, but there's none more beautiful than You".

They have decided to call it quits as Martin asked to leave so he could spend more time with his family and also to pursue his charity work. A hero, and a true example of what it is to serve Jesus. I'm sure it was the hardest decision to make; giving up rockin it out to thousands of people and doing something which I'm sure he adores. This move he is making truly does make him a History Maker.

"So hold me today, as I carry your cross,
Into the desert to find who is lost.
Look at my hands, they're still full of faith,
God keep them clean till we finish the race"