Monday, July 14, 2008

Deliver Us From Evil

I'm currently reading a book by Don Basham called Deliver Us From Evil. So far it's brilliant. My wife read it, loved it, and recommended it to me. It's a very easy read on a very difficult topic. It's the story of a pastors reluctant encounters with the powers of darkness. Basham, like most christians did not believe in demon possession. He believed it was something that didn't occur these days and I like how it seems that the Lord led him to the discovery that there is so much more going on behind some peoples infirmities than we can see. It seems like there is a lot of ignorance in relation to this issue and one that I think we as Christians need to have an awareness of. There is definitely power in the name of Jesus. I might give a synopsis and my own opinion of the matter when I finish the book. I've had some interesting experiences myself!