Thursday, August 28, 2008

A tough draw...

The Champions League Draw was made earlier today and I'm officially scared. I don't blog much about my love of football. Perhaps I should, perhaps most people would be bored by reading about it though.

Liverpool (the team I support) have a hard draw. PSV, Marseille and Athletico Madrid. Our current form hasn't been good, however I'm very optimistic purely because the last three games are games we should not have won, but we did. That has to be an encouragement as last year we would have only drawn them. Our spirit has been very good and I'm hoping it'll transform into some good play and consistency on the pitch. We will probably get through the group stages, but there will be the usual last minute goal or two at anfield to keep me on my toes!

Cheslea will definitely get through to the next stage. Arsenal could be a casualty; if I was a betting man I'd have money on them not progressing. Man United have it harder than they'll expect, Celtic might actually be quite pleased with their draw, although United will progress. The Champions League is a cracking competition and I'm looking forward to it starting. I don't know if I'll get to see many games, but I'll be following it very very closely. Here's the draw.

Group A
CFR Cluj

Group B
Inter Milan
Werder Bremen
Anorthosis Famagusta

Group C
Sporting Lisbon
Shakhtar Donetsk

Group D
PSV Eindhoven
Atletico Madrid

Group E

Group F
Bayern Munich
Steaua Bucharest

Group G
Dynamo Kiev

Group H
Real Madrid
Zenit St Petersburg
Bate Borisov

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New music...

At last, some new music has come in to my hands.

My favourite worship leader Charlie Hall, has just released a new album called 'The Bright Sadness'. I just got it this evening and as with all new music, one can't just throw it on the stereo to listen to it. For this one I need to wait till I'm in my car driving to work in the morning to give it a full attentive listen. There is something so raw, honest and passionate about Jesus loving Mr. Hall that makes me want to write songs like him. He is a genuine inspiration. I'll write a little review when I get to digest the album.

The second album I got was a live cd/dvd of David Crowder Band's latest tour. No doubt it'll be a great cd. Sometimes it's hard to tell whether you're just listening to a great song when you see him live or whether it's a worship moment. I guess that's up to the individual to decide. One very very cool thing on the dvd is that the band show you how to play the songs.

The third cd I got is the new Hillsong cd 'This is our God'. I usually go for the Hillsong United cd's, but this one looks like a good one. No idea why I think it does, but it does. I'm looking forward to listening to it, especially as some of the United stuff is incredibly anointed.

The last cd I got is P.O.D's latest album 'When Angels and Serpents Dance'. I gave it a listen today and really enjoyed it. More melodic than their other stuff which may mean it'll lend itself to my wifes ears!

Oh and did I mention that anyone reading who doesn't have any Charlie Hall needs to go out and buy his records.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Metallica - Marley Park, Dublin August 20th 2008

At last I got to see Metallica. I turned up at Marley Park with no ticket a frustrating long hour and a half searching for someone with a spare one followed. I made 'friends' with some dude who was about 55. My new friend turned out to be a policeman who got me in for free!! It pays to be nice.

Tenacious D supported them and they were very entertaining, although I was mildly disturbed by their continued comical references to Satan. Most of their songs aren't particularly good, but they're funny blokes.

Metallica came on at about 9 and played for a solid two hours. They played a cracking setlist. Very old school. They didn't play anything from my favourite album 'Load', and they played just one from 'reload', the memory remains which wouldn't have been the one I'd have picked from that album. But anyways, highlights for me were starting with Creeping Death, or how James Hetfield would say it "Careeeepingg Deeeaaathhh-A'. What a way to start the show. 'For whom the bell tollz' next, i LOVE that song, great cliche crowd participation. Ride the Lightning was the business, some dude beside me nearly lost his life (pardon the pun) when they started to play it. Sanitarium, from the first harmonic note; it made me want to beat the head of someone. Obviously in a christian way! Cyanide is a new song, a good one too. Great bass line. I did think Frantic from St. Anger was a good song, it is but the rest of the album bar one other song is rubbish. Fade to black - what a tune. 'Are you ready my friends?' James hetfield is like a parody of himself; he should be in spinal tap. 'Metallifans, we have a big Metallica family in Dublin - we love you!'. Master, Master, where's those dreams that I've been after - i LOVED that song. Fist pumping galore!! Good to see them whip out whiskey in the jar for us Irish folk. Great cover of the Thin Lizzy classic. Nothing Else Matters amused me, because all these big giant hairy blokes around me screaming their heads off when they heard the first notes being played of a ballad! Sad But True, One and Enter Sandman all in a row is enough to give a man a heart attack. I won't mention Last Caress or So What cause I'm not a fan of those songs. Seek Destroy was a good cliche way to finish.
All in all I LOVED the show and would definitely see them again.

Creeping Death
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Ride The Lightning
The Memory Remains
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
…And Justice For All
The Four Horsemen
Fade To Black
Master Of Puppets
Whiskey In The Jar
Nothing Else Matters
Sad But True
Enter Sandman
Last Caress
So What
Seek And Destroy

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm back...

it’s been a while. I’ve been away for two weeks in Germany at Teenstreet. I came home and was straight back in to work to a difficult week. I wish I had more time to blog but my wife comes first in my free time. Hopefully I’ll find more time to get back in to my habit that I hope is a good one of a few posts a week.
Here’s a few things I have learned or been reminded of over the past couple of weeks

God is WAY bigger than we think
Jesus is always wanting to speak truth to us
The Holy Spirit is powerful and sometimes unexplainable
My wife is a little prophetess
God ALWAYS wants to speak through us
I’m amazed at the lengths God has gone to to get our attention and constantly remind us of how in love with us he is
We were made to worship something. I pray that it is always God
People have been hearing the wrong view of God for way too long
Demons are real, and God wants to use us to cast them out in Jesus name
There is no condemnation or shame in Jesus
German food is not cool
Ryanair are also not cool
Irish weather is cool, but in a bad way
God can use anyone to accomplish what he wants
Never underestimate people because of their age (old or young)
There is something very powerful about a close community of people praying and worshipping together
Never expect God to do the same thing twice – faith faith faith and knowing and believing his words of truth
Satan LOVES to lie, steal and rob us of our freedom in Christ

I’ll be back with more thoughts on how the olympic counsel should have a test for robotic insides. I have my suspicions about Mr. Phelps!

Peace and blessings my friends,