Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm back...

it’s been a while. I’ve been away for two weeks in Germany at Teenstreet. I came home and was straight back in to work to a difficult week. I wish I had more time to blog but my wife comes first in my free time. Hopefully I’ll find more time to get back in to my habit that I hope is a good one of a few posts a week.
Here’s a few things I have learned or been reminded of over the past couple of weeks

God is WAY bigger than we think
Jesus is always wanting to speak truth to us
The Holy Spirit is powerful and sometimes unexplainable
My wife is a little prophetess
God ALWAYS wants to speak through us
I’m amazed at the lengths God has gone to to get our attention and constantly remind us of how in love with us he is
We were made to worship something. I pray that it is always God
People have been hearing the wrong view of God for way too long
Demons are real, and God wants to use us to cast them out in Jesus name
There is no condemnation or shame in Jesus
German food is not cool
Ryanair are also not cool
Irish weather is cool, but in a bad way
God can use anyone to accomplish what he wants
Never underestimate people because of their age (old or young)
There is something very powerful about a close community of people praying and worshipping together
Never expect God to do the same thing twice – faith faith faith and knowing and believing his words of truth
Satan LOVES to lie, steal and rob us of our freedom in Christ

I’ll be back with more thoughts on how the olympic counsel should have a test for robotic insides. I have my suspicions about Mr. Phelps!

Peace and blessings my friends,