Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New music...

At last, some new music has come in to my hands.

My favourite worship leader Charlie Hall, has just released a new album called 'The Bright Sadness'. I just got it this evening and as with all new music, one can't just throw it on the stereo to listen to it. For this one I need to wait till I'm in my car driving to work in the morning to give it a full attentive listen. There is something so raw, honest and passionate about Jesus loving Mr. Hall that makes me want to write songs like him. He is a genuine inspiration. I'll write a little review when I get to digest the album.

The second album I got was a live cd/dvd of David Crowder Band's latest tour. No doubt it'll be a great cd. Sometimes it's hard to tell whether you're just listening to a great song when you see him live or whether it's a worship moment. I guess that's up to the individual to decide. One very very cool thing on the dvd is that the band show you how to play the songs.

The third cd I got is the new Hillsong cd 'This is our God'. I usually go for the Hillsong United cd's, but this one looks like a good one. No idea why I think it does, but it does. I'm looking forward to listening to it, especially as some of the United stuff is incredibly anointed.

The last cd I got is P.O.D's latest album 'When Angels and Serpents Dance'. I gave it a listen today and really enjoyed it. More melodic than their other stuff which may mean it'll lend itself to my wifes ears!

Oh and did I mention that anyone reading who doesn't have any Charlie Hall needs to go out and buy his records.