Thursday, September 4, 2008


I've been hearing a lot about angels lately. As a christian I believe in angels. They are biblical and I've in fact seen some. Angels are ministering spirits that do the work of the Lord. There are also angels who do the work of Satan. There is a heavenly battle going on that we don't really know much about; although we do know who has won (that would be Jesus).
Anyways, the reason for my little post about angels is that it seems they are all the rage now. Angel stickers on cars, angel key rings, angel dolls, angel cards and now something I have recently heard about called angel therapy. A girl my wife works with has been into angels for a while and now I've discovered that a few people where i work are into them. One in fact is an angel card reader.
I find it extremely worrying that people are so taken with angels. It's seen as something harmless and something spiritual while not being religious. No responsibility, just nice little messages from your guardian angel. Aparently these angels are the angels of the bible and they do the work of the 'creator'. However they don't point to Jesus, they point to themselves as the helpers or oneself as the author of ones destiny.
As we are told in scripture that there is only one mediator between God and man, that man being Jesus Christ, the reason I find it worrying that people are turning to angels is that the angels they are looking to are not angels from God. I have no doubt that these people who 'communicate' with angels in fact do so, the problem is is that they are communicating with dark angels. Paul says Lucifer himself can disguise himself as a angel of light. These people do not realise that they are messing with something very sinister disguising itself as something beautiful. I read a great quote that says (forgive her slight misunderstanding that God is full of rules)
"For those who choke too easily on God and His rules, theologians observe, angels are the handy compromise, all fluff and meringue, kind, nonjudgmental. And they avail themselves to everyone, like aspirin," Nancy Gibbs.

I did a google search on the 'dangers of angel therapy' and 'a christian response to angel therapy' and so on and did not come up with any good information highlighting the dangers of this practice. If anyone knows of a place with good info please let me know. And if anyone has themselves noticed this trend I'd love to hear your thoughts.