Thursday, September 25, 2008

Did I Mention...

I'm LOVING Charlie Hall's new album. Buy it.


Chill and cold and flakes of snow,ice and sleet, frost and cold
Each storm cloud and thunderbolt, lifts my mind to You
Every work and every power, every second of every hour
Fall of dew and sweet rain showers, lifts my mind to You
Summer wind, fire and heat, autumn leaves and blooms of spring
Ocean waves and mountain streams, lifts my mind to You

I see You in every scene, I bet You are thinking about me,
I have such a short memory so You keep reminding me of You

As I lay me down to sleep, as I walk on city streets
As I laugh with friends and feast, it lifts my mind to You
As my children play and run, in the news with wars and guns
In the church where songs are sung, it lifts my mind to You
Deep inside the beggar's eyes, as for sweet love I fight
On the radio at night, it lifts my mind on You

Painting pictures of your love, You lift my mind up,
reminding me of You, my heart comes alive