Saturday, September 20, 2008

Does Satan believe his own lies?

I wonder does Satan ever lie to himself that he's going to win in the end! I wonder does he fool himself that sin hasn't list it's power and death hasn't lost it's sting. Does he genuinely believe sometimes that he can overcome God or does he know that the death of Jesus was the seal of his defeat.
I ask because I know sometimes we can fool ourselves. When we lie to someone we somehow justify it in our minds and believe it was ok, even if for a minute. The girl/guy who struggles with an eating disorder believes that they are fat when they're not. The guy/girl who looks at porn thinks it's harmless and their partner wouldn't mind; deep down they know this isn't true.
Can this be the same for the great Satan?
Either way Satan has ultimately lost and his fate will be sealed shortly. In the meantime though we are to fix our eyes upon Jesus as he roams around tying to decieve us. He does a good job of it too.