Monday, September 15, 2008


The other night while trying to sleep I was thinking of my wife who was beside me and just looking at her. I wasn't thinking of specifics, I was just thinking of how incredibly blessed I am to have this amazing woman in my life and was marvelling at all her little mysteries that make her the angel that she is.
Obviously I couldn't help but thank Jesus for how much he has blessed me, and it got me thinking. I wonder does God ever just think about us. No plan, no reasoning, just thinking about us. I always imagine him as so busy and his mind is racing and when he thinks about me he's thinking about the plans he has for me or how he wished I'd been honest with him that day about what was on my mind, or that I'd just apologise to him instead of running away from him. But what if every now and then God just sits and thinks about me. He calls one of his angels over and he says "Have I told you about Ferg? He's a special one." and he muses upon me and loves that he's made me and dotes on me like a Father would. Then him and Jesus and the Spirit just talk about me for a while and laugh and share stories about me.