Friday, October 17, 2008


My wife and I were talking over lunch today; I took the day off work to hang out with her. No one better to hang out with, good times.
The conversation turned to Jesus, as it tends to do quite a lot. We were wondering if my friends handbag that was stolen was returned amongst many other things. Praying for someones handbag to be returned can seem so inconsequential to us; but to Jesus it's not. Mind you, this handbag had a passport and a green card in it, so it was pretty valuable.
We've been seeking out who Jesus really is in our lives and wanting to experience so much more than a Jesus who is a ticket to heaven. Last week, we had a wonderful experience. We were due to fly out to Houston, Texas on a Friday for my dear friends wedding, however on Wednesday I get a text from Jane while I'm at work to tell me she has the chicken pox. Not cool. It was pretty bad, we prayed about it that night cause obviously we both really wanted her to go.
Thursday I went to work and when I came home the reality sunk in that Jane wouldn't be able to go to Texas cause she was covered in spots and looked pretty mingin! That evening we were praying and I was saying how I felt so bad for praying for healing of chicken pox when there are people out there who need healing from things that are far more serious than that. God reminded me though that he cares about Janes chicken pox and it's not his will that we get sick. We have been thinking so much lately about how most things done in church can be done whether God is there or not. Not that they aren't effective, but where is the actually reliance on God. The reliance on God to do something that we CANNOT do. So we were thinking about it for our lives so we asked God to show us a miracle. To take away the chicken pox overnight. We wanted to see the work of our Father the healer.
Friday morning we woke up and yep, the spots were gone. I was amazed. Jane felt a million times better and we were just astounded at God's power and that he cares about us that deeply.
We had an absolutely brilliant time in Texas.
The reason I'm writing about this is that I don't think it right to keep it to ourselves. Now there are so many factors going on as to why people are healed and not healed and another time, she or I might not get healed; but that is not due to the lack of power on God's part that is due to the complexity of a universe of free will and I'm not writing this to argue such points.
I just want to give testimony to what God did and want to thank him for it.