Monday, October 13, 2008

upside down kindgom

I listened to a Greg Boyd sermon this morning and it was so powerful. It's called "The Kingdom: it's really upside down". You should listen to it for yourself. Whether you agree with Boyd's theology or not, you can't fault with his passion for Jesus and his wanting to bring the kingdom and inspire people to bring the kingdom of God wherever they go.
The main premise of the talk was on Luke 14:1-11 and he spoke about reaching out to the poor and those in need. I will not do it an ounce of justice by writing about it here. Take a listen here. If you don't have the time to listen to all 50 minutes, make sure you listen to the last 20 minutes. I was crying like a baby in my car at 8am this morning driving to work. Jesus calls us to so much more that we give. Listening to a man weep about his kid who had no friends in school or about how his church, unbeknownst to them where unkind to a disabled girl and asking for forgiveness gives a huge picture into the heart of God.
It's a hard prayer to pray for a will that is inconvenienced by what God asks of me; but i want it. I want God to whip me out of my comfort zone so that along with my wife we can bring the kingdom to those in the margins.