Monday, December 15, 2008


These past few weeks I've had a nasty skin condition called Eczema. Anyone who's had it will testify to it's nastiness. I used to get it as a kid but never as bad as the last while. It flared up exceptionally badly over a week ago and I've been off work since. I hope to go back on Wednesday. I'm off to see a skin specialist today.
The thing I have found so hard to deal with over the past few weeks, especially the last two weeks is that I know if I stop scratching I'll get better. Pretty much simple as. The trouble is, I can't stop. Well, I find it very difficult to. I've had some good days of not scratching but at night time it just gets ridiculous. It's like my body goes on auto-scratch-pilot. I then get in a tizzy of "Oh, man I can't be doing this cause I'll get worse" and then I scratch more. I even then get stressed thinking God is disappointed in me for scratching when I know not scratching will make me better.
My only sanity the past couple of weeks has been my wife. She is so much more patient, gracious and kind than I had dreamed of. Applying cream to a crying from pain/frustration 29 year old husband is not something she had thought she'd signed up for 7 months ago! Not one word of complaint has she uttered from her mouth. I just thought everyone should know how wonderful she is.

Oh, the subject title is my attempt at spelling what a scratch may sound like!