Sunday, December 21, 2008

Following my post on Dave Matthews new live album, I just found out that they have now decided to join the likes of Pearl Jam, Metallica, Counting Crows and release shows via download on their new website.

The first three shows to be released are

4.22.93 (Dave and Tim) - Prism Coffeehouse - Charlottesville, VA
10.24.02 (Dave solo) - Benaroya Hall - Seattle, WA
3.29.03 (Dave and Tim) - Appalachian State University - Boone, NC

They cost between ¢12 and ¢16 dollars depending on what quality you want, ranging from mp3 256kbps and flac lossless.
It's a great new move from them, saves on silly postage costs and will hopefully lead to a big catalogue where one can pick and choose the best setlists from the shows available to own.
I'm not sure if they will take the route of Pearl Jam and Metallica where each new show is available for download a few days after the show. Perhaps they won't go down that road but hopefully they release plenty of old shows and a few from new tours to give us a nice big choice. The great thing about Dave Matthews Band and especially bands like Pearl Jam is that there setlists change every show which leads to the customer genuinely being spoilt for choice.
I guess that's one reason why u2 will never go down the same route as their setlists are unfortunately very static. I'm still very surprised that apart from 'Under a Blood Red Sky' they have never released an official live album to buy.