Monday, December 15, 2008

Electric Six - The Acadamy, Dublin. Saturday 13th December

I bought tickets for this gig back in July, but it was touch and go as to whether we'd be able to go. As I've been super sick and Jane was starting to come down with the flu we weren't going to go but we decided at 7pm that we'd regret not going so we'd drive in so we could leave if we needed to.
When we got to the venue Jane asked one of the staff could we sit upstairs in the vip section; for some bizarre unknown reason he said yes. Sweet. I would say that God has our backs cause we were sick but I don't know if he's particularly an Electric Six fan.
The gig itself was fantastic. As rediculous and entertaining as one would except from E6. I saw them last year in Maynooth College and was so impressed. This one was just as good. Dick Valentine is an exceptional front man and kept us fully entertained. They played a great setlist; more songs from their first album that their latest album which is pretty impressive. Some of his banter in between songs is so ludicrous it's amazing that people believe it and clap for it. Such as informing us that the drummer is Larry Mullin Jnr the third and that Ireland should be so proud that we helped elect America's first Irish American President. It was amusing watching the band trying not to laugh as he talked rubbish to us. The setlist isn't in order, but it's all the 18 songs they played. The picture isn't from the gig on Saturday it's from the last time I saw them. He's doing push ups during one of the songs!

Dance Commander
Naked Pictures
Danger! High Voltage!
Improper Dancing
Gay Bar
Rock N Roll Evacuation
Dance Epidemic
I Buy The Drugs
Night Vision
Germans In Mexico
Down At McDonnelzz
Gay Bar pt. 2
Formula 409
We Were Witchy Witchy White Women
Dirty Ball
Your Heat Is Rising