Monday, December 8, 2008

One million trees for Israel...

Ever since Mr. Bentley graced our screens I've flicked on to God tv to check it out. Please don't judge me on that fact. Sometimes there can be some pretty good messages, but lately I've been seeing quite a lot of talks that have caused me great concern. Perhaps the Lord is opening my eyes to what has always been there or else it's getting worse.
They have just finished their 'missions week'. What would one think a missions week would consist of? Raising money to help child soldiers in Uganda, helping women and children in the 'worst place to live'the Democratic Republic of Congo's North Kivu province, helping street kids in Sao Paulo? i could go on. The answer is none of the above. What missions week is about is planting 1,000,000 trees in Israel to prepare for Jesus to return. Yep, thats the plan.

Saints, the time is now to petition the Father for breakthrough in your own life… in your families’ lives… in your neighbors’ lives… in the lives and ministries of the GOD TV family around the globe. As the world faces grave financial crisis, the Father has promised to keep us from the eye of the storm, but we need to trust and set our hearts upon Him.

So how do we get this breakthrough?

1. Pray fervently that the Father would bring breakthrough in these coming 40 days.
2. Give generously as Missions Week continues, we are ready to plant trees across
Israel in your honor as you strengthen GOD TV with your generous gift and ensure
the Gospel is taken into more homes, in more cities, in more nations.
3. Wait expectantly… for the breakthrough that we together are trusting the Father

Now I understand that God tv needs money and that people can be blessed by it. But planting a tree in my honour when I pledge money so we can welcome Jesus with a pretty garden? It boggles my mind, that is unless I'm missing something key about the significance of planting trees with some of the money instead of actually helping people. Apparently it's a prophetic display to welcome the king.

I believe that when your tree is planted, you will see multiplied blessings as your tree grows to maturity.

What kind of blessings? I've been seeing a lot lately on God tv about blessings being financial. One preacher stated proudly "Do you think I flew here in Delta Airlines? No, I flew here on my own jet, cause the Lord has blessed me!". Ridiculous. What about the man who doesn't own a private jet, or a car, or even a house; is the Lords favour not upon them? A young orphan taken captive by the LRA in Uganda is that punishment from God? If he comes to know Jesus as his Lord and Saviour will he become materially rich? I think the miracle of being rich in hope is enough, and maybe some of that preachers money that went towards his private jet could help put some food in that kids belly and clothes on his back.

Whether it is legit or not, I know I have been challenged, and that is the challenge to not sit and be satisfied with sending some tv station money so they can get their hands dirty in the mission field. I have to take part somehow and perhaps the biggest thing I can give is my time. Sometimes it can be easier to reach into our wallets and give money rather than reach into our schedules and actually spend time with the broken around us. I do pray God's blessing and wisdom upon God tv and what they do however I'll be giving my money and time to things I feel are more kingdom like.