Friday, January 30, 2009

Mein Eik Mahine Se Urdu Seekh Raha Hoon

Wednesday started with a tasty Mr. Donut (Strawberry for me as always), we didn't fancy the curry on offer in our hotel for breakfast - seriously! We then walked around a bit and then got a tuk tuk to the biggest store in Thailand MBK. Or so we thought. Mr. tuk tuk was lovely and to all his sentences we just nodded and smiled graciously as he mentioned things like 'sponsors' and 'you like me, yeah?'. Suddenly he pulls over to a shop that's definitely not MBK, he asked us to tell those inside how great he was - seriously! We did just that and 45 minutes later, I was the proud owner of two handmade shirts, and Jane one. As we walked out we saw two pasty white people walk up the stairs past us and we said to each other 'suckers!!'....the irony!!! Jane turned to me and said 'wait a minute, we're the scukers!'. Suckers, we are, but that night the shirts arrived and they're awesome and even better when we got back in the tuk tuk and told the driver we had bought 3 shirts, he nearly lost his life, told us he'd get 50 free litres of petrol and told us he'd take us around the city for the day - we thought he was using hyperbole, he wasn't! We told him MBK would do just fine. In the small talk that followed as we were on our way we told him we where going to Phuket, he was concerned that we had no accommodation - 10 minutes later we'r at a travel agent and he said he'd wait outside. What a great bloke. Another 45 mins later we get back in the tuk tuk, he wanted to take us for lunch but I was loosing the will for want of food I figured if we stayed in the tuk tuk any longer we'd end up in singapore so we finally arrived at MBK after a quick tour of the city!
On Wednesday night we went to a very strange back street Indian for dinner; food was fantastic although I think Jane was afraid she was going to be stoned to death. Place seemed to be men only and of the kind who worship Allah. Mickey Walker would have loved to stop and chat but let's just say we didn't stop for dessert.
Afterwards we figured we'd go the tourist route and headed for the tallest building in Bangkok. What a view. I loved it. You can go to the 83rd floor for a drink by the window which we did and it was fantastic and you can also go to the top floor and step outside to a revolving platform, freaky, but for some reason my juvenile fear of heights didn't creap up on me and it was a wonderful view. Loved it.
Next morning Jane woke up to two ants crawling up her arm, I'm sure they're nice guys but she didn't appreciate it. There where plenty more in her bed, none in mine. God bless the reception girl for messing up and giving us a twin room instead of a double!! Again, no curry for breakfast, so we waited for Mr. Donut man to open and got more tasty donuts and coffee, no strawberry for me which made me momentarily sad (jane would say grumpy - I'd disagree) but the chocolate twisty donut was extremely tasty.
Currently we're in Phuket. Finally a place where Jane can hit the beach. Great weather and great accommodation. Unfortunately I think we where spoiled on our honeymoon - no beach will ever compare to having your own palm tree, waiter and only sharing it with about 14 other people.
Here, you share with about 14,000 other people, it's mental and if I get asked one more time on the strip....
1. Would you like to buy a suit?
2. Would you like a tuk tuk?
3. Are you from Pakistan? (yes, twice now!)
The above cracks Jane up every time!!
4. Would you like a massage?
5. Would you like to buy this piece of fake rubbish that I am selling? May I remind you that it is completely fake and I still have the cheek to overcharge?

The answer to all the above questions is NO!!! I've done all the above in Bangkok thank you.
I've 3 shirts I can't fit in my suitcase, spent 3 hours in a tuk tuk for a 3 minute journey, had a crackin massage and bought 4 dvd's that don't work.
Oh, and Pakistan? Excuse me??? Why does no one here believe us when we say we're Irish? I won't even ask why they think I'm from Pakistan.

The place is unfortunately a bit of a cess pit caused by us tourists. Still we're having great fun, the food is wonderful, accommation is great, and of course the company is first class.
We hope to hit a Thai church on Sunday, or maybe I'll feel more at home in a Pakistani one, we'll see.
Good times.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Welcome new readers to tales of our travels. I'll try to keep posts relatively short and as frequent as I can get to an internet cafe, or more preferably to a hotel with wi-fi but I doubt our budget will stretch that far.
We love Bangkok. We arrived after a very smooth but long flight, straight to the hotel and then out to the madness that's pretty much outside the door. Markets as far as the eye can see. They sell everything. I mean everything. If we were here to shop we'd have full suitcases by now. The food is exceptional, as I was hoping it would be. Not as spicy as I thought though, although maybe we're eating in the wrong places! It's so cheap, you nearly feel bad. We got the tastiest lunch today for less than 4 euro. We travelled around the city in a tuk tuk, that's the picture above. It was a mix between the scariest and most exciting ride of our lives. We've done a few of them now, so cheap, fun and a great way to get around.
The city is full of strange temple monuments. I had a massage yesterday, Jane had a pedicure/manicure thing (a total of 6 euro for an hour of amazing relaxation) and in the place I noticed a strange fat statue at the window with a drink in front of him, we then noticed them in a lot of places. There are a lot of temples and I think the country is about 90% buddhist. The rest are christian, islamic and hindu.
The thai people are exceptionally friendly, although the haggling can become a bit of a pain. I think we might hit some random backstreet place for tasty food this evening and then to the top of the sky tower for a drink as the views are meant to be pretty amazing.
Off to Phuket tomorrow, not sure what to expect; I just know that Jane wants some sun as do I. More tasty food will be appreciated aswell!