Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Welcome new readers to tales of our travels. I'll try to keep posts relatively short and as frequent as I can get to an internet cafe, or more preferably to a hotel with wi-fi but I doubt our budget will stretch that far.
We love Bangkok. We arrived after a very smooth but long flight, straight to the hotel and then out to the madness that's pretty much outside the door. Markets as far as the eye can see. They sell everything. I mean everything. If we were here to shop we'd have full suitcases by now. The food is exceptional, as I was hoping it would be. Not as spicy as I thought though, although maybe we're eating in the wrong places! It's so cheap, you nearly feel bad. We got the tastiest lunch today for less than 4 euro. We travelled around the city in a tuk tuk, that's the picture above. It was a mix between the scariest and most exciting ride of our lives. We've done a few of them now, so cheap, fun and a great way to get around.
The city is full of strange temple monuments. I had a massage yesterday, Jane had a pedicure/manicure thing (a total of 6 euro for an hour of amazing relaxation) and in the place I noticed a strange fat statue at the window with a drink in front of him, we then noticed them in a lot of places. There are a lot of temples and I think the country is about 90% buddhist. The rest are christian, islamic and hindu.
The thai people are exceptionally friendly, although the haggling can become a bit of a pain. I think we might hit some random backstreet place for tasty food this evening and then to the top of the sky tower for a drink as the views are meant to be pretty amazing.
Off to Phuket tomorrow, not sure what to expect; I just know that Jane wants some sun as do I. More tasty food will be appreciated aswell!