Monday, February 23, 2009

Au Revoir Melbourne...

So our last morning in Melbourne. We leave in an hour to pick up our little campervan
We've had a fantastic time in Melbourne with our superstar friend Meg. She lives pretty much downtown so we've had easy access to everything.
We got to catch up with our friends Gary and Yvonne from Dublin last week which was awesome. I think the phrase 'salt of the earth' would describe them best. So great to spend time with them, even if it was only an evening.
The last few days we spent with her sister in a quaint town called Warnambol, It's really gorgeous, right beside the coast about a four hour drive from Melbourne.
The wonderful thing about staying there apart from the company - she's really lovely as is her husband, is that we got to go driving on the Great Ocean Road. Amazing. The most beautiful views of the Ocean and the cliff formations and so on. It was a pretty cold and windy day which made for better viewing as the ocean was quite choppy with some great waves. Great Ocean Road, not just a clever name.
Saturday we went walking in the bush, loved that. Got to see some Koala's, Emu's, Lizards and a snake. Yep, a snake. A red bellied black snake to be precise; quite poisonous I later found out on wikipedia which is the source of all known knowledge. My brother probably would have ran away screaming into the forest to then actually be eaten by one but for some reason I was quite mesmorised by the evil little thing and was trying to get closer to it when I was advised that it would be a bad idea.

The koala was asking to be pushed out of the tree; I wasn't quite so tempted to do that. Apparently there is a near mild sedative in eucalyptus leaves that make them sleep a lot and also when they walk they look like there are stoned off their heads. That would have been amusing to see but they were asleep the whole time. The Emu's were entertaining in that they just kindof skulk past eyeing you as they go. It's like they're on rollerskates going very slowly as they glide on by. I was waiting for Rod Hull to pass by as well but he was no where to be seen. I think I saw Grottbags somewhere in the distance but I'm not sure.

I'm not sure how much time I'll get on the net when we're traveling in our little van, hopefully we'll be able to keep you as updated as often as I'd like to. I'm also hoping to get to see the Ireland England game this weekend. Should be a cracker. I'm now not so keen on catching up with the premiership after staying up on Saturday to watch matches that all had disappointing results and also to be dismayed this morning as I got up at 7 to see that Liverpool had failed me yet again. Muppets. Anyways, till we meet again; and thanks for all the nice comments. It's really nice to see that people are reading about our travels. Blessings...

Struth a snake...