Monday, February 16, 2009

Patong, Phuket

It's been too long my friends. Who would have thought broadband would be easier/cheaper to source in Thailand than Australia. We have left the fair land on Thailand and are now in Australia but we'll get to that later. For now I'll continue where I left off which was Phuket.
Patong, Phuket; otherwise known as Thailands Ibiza/Costa Del Sleeze or perhaps more simply 'cess pit central' (more 'cess pit south west' but you get my drift. Phuket is a lovely island with about 50 million mopeds per capita and great weather. We landed and went straight to our very lovely hotel, great first impressions. Then we went to the beach and realised that pretty much every person in the world who was on holidays at the very same time as us thought 'ooh let's go to a nice island off Thailand called Phuket and go to the beach that was recommended to us by our travel agent called Patong (the beach, not the agent)'.
The town of Patong is genuinely a den of iniquity! During the day it's not too bad, just full of McDonalds, Burger King, Starbucks all those places that make you feel at home when you don't particularly want to feel at home cause you're half way round the world. At night it's just horrible, a gazillion people snaking through the streets looking for snake like things to do. We slid away to some quiet places which was quite nice. We came across a bar that was actually a tree house with what seemed to be just a family inside so we though we'd do the authentic Thai experience and join them. It was awesome. Really nice people playing really bad Thai music and strange cover versions of normal songs (I though copyright didn't apply in Thailand!) through a horrendous cd player. The owner caught site of me messing with Jane playing the air drums to 'Sweet Child O Mine' (I'm the best air drummer ever - seriously), he then brought me over a small bongo and encouraged me to play. I did, he loved it and then got be a big massive bongo or djemba or whatever those big drum things are called and handed it to me. Highly entertaining. So entertained was the owner in fact that he gave us free shots of Whiskey, which would be great if we were that way inclined, but we're not. Not to offend we took them and threw them over our shoulders as we all toasted each other and they necked them. I think we got away with it.
Most of our time in Phuket consisted of going to the beach, hiding form the midday sun in Starbuck, eh I mean some very authentic Thai place for coffee. more beach, sunning for Jane, reading for me. Then tasty food in the evening away from the main strip.
On the Sunday night the hotel allowed me to sit at their closed bar till 2am to watch the Liverpool Chelsea game, sweet times. Jane even joined me from the second half on, what a hero.
Overall in Patong we had great fun and the hotel was fantastic but the place itself is dreadful. Anyone reading this who is tempted to go, don't. After 4 nights in Patong we went to Ko Phi Phi an apparent 'paradise'; I'll write about that next.
Peace out blog friends...