Saturday, February 21, 2009


Have been in Australia just over a week and a half now. Thoroughly enjoying ourselves. We flew into Sydney but we heard our friend Meg calling from the distance in Melbourne so we jumped on a plane straight away and headed to see her. Good times.
We stayed in a little hostel in a place called south yarra, a really nice part of town. Quite bohemian and you can tell that people try way to hard to look like they just rolled out of bed, but cool nonetheless.
Melbourne is a really nice city. Although we kindof realise that a lot of cities look the same. Purely cause they're full of people and the same shops that most other cities have. Good coffee is hard to find which is a shame and wireless even harder to find. Starbucks and McDonalds charge for wireless; pesky capitalist pigs. Mind you, some of the coffee we've gotten should have been given away for free; dreadful stuff.
We've frequented a nice town called St. Kilda which is beside the sea and is full of nice places to eat. The tastiest garlic bread lives in a pub there.
We stayed in the hostel about a week and sine then we've been staying with Meg which has been exceptionally generous of her and her parents. A great place to stay with a bonus of free wi-fi. sweet. Meg has been our superstar tour guide and has been so much fun to hang out with. She has a wealth of knowledge of all things and a vast array of very nice friends. We gatecrashed one of her friends engagement parties. This guy is pretty big in Australia, he has written and is currently starring in a musical about the life of Mr. Cricket; Shane Warne. He is a pretty talented musician and he had possibly the coolest band playing at his party. They were all professional musicians and they pretty much played their favourite cover songs and mezmerised us all till the wee hours of the morning. I loved it, as did Jane. Check out the get up on the guitarist. It was a flamingo night so I actually got to wear that pink shirt I bought in Thailand. Not such a sucker after all!!
One of the highlights so far was getting to go to church after two weeks of not getting to go. We did a double whammy last Sunday, going to one church in the morning and another church in the evening. It was interesting especially at the the Sunday morning service as in some way it felt like we were eaves dropping on a whole community grieving. As most of you know the bushfires have devastated the surrounding areas of Melbourne with about 300 people dying and thousands left homeless. The service was a special service about the bushfires and the guy preached a sermon on hope in the midst of despair. He was good, although it was difficult to take in a lot of what he was saying as he was of the view point that these fires were the will of God, yet he is there to comfort those affected. I won't go into a theological muse here but let's just say it got me thinking again, as I usually do about the practical implications of peoples theology. Some of the stories that have come out of what people suffered in the fires is awful. Hopefully they do find genuine comfort in the only one who can genuinely bring it to them.
It was nice to chat to people after the evening service; we're looking forward to wherever we end up in church the next few weeks. It's interesting how people do things differently to worship the same God.
I'll post some more photo's and other musings tomorrow, time to put some shrimps on the barbie and open a few tinies after a days hard yaka....