Sunday, March 8, 2009

2,800 km's and counting...

Onward we go. Currently we’re being evacuated from the nicest place we’ve been to yet. The forecast doesn't look good, especially as it contains a cyclone that is category 5. I'll fill you in on what we've been up to so far. It’s a place called Kinka Bay somewhere on the East coast probably 900 or so k north of Brisbane. It’s a gorgeous park, super cheap and really lovely beaches. It also has a pool which is sweet. Glorious sunshine on Thursday and Friday. Still plenty of mosquito’s, lizards, bugs and many other strange things to deal with but we’re starting to get used to them. They’re still mingers and I should leave the mozzies out of the ‘we’re getting used to them’ phrase but we’re doing a relatively good job of ignoring the other strange creatures.
On the way up here we stopped at Byron Bay. I can see why people are so enamored by it. It’s gorgeous. The views are pretty spectacular. I wish I was a surfer cause the waves were monstrous but I’m not that cool. We only paid it a fleeting visit though as it was pretty touristy and we’re getting used to the quiet places. The irony that we’re tourists isn’t lost on me.
After our pit stop in Byron Bay we stayed for a couple of nights on the sunshine coast in a place called Mooloolaba. Again, our park was right by the beach and we had a really nice time there. We came across a christian book store at last; well we came across one in Melbourne but it was full of self help books which isn’t really my scene. This one was great though. We stocked up on some books and cd’s that were on sale. One recently disgraced man of God’s books were on sale for $5. I didn’t know whether to be slightly amused by the fickleness and judgement of some christians or saddened. Either way I bought the books. Just cause a man has fallen doesn’t mean he didn’t have good things to say when he was walking with Jesus.
I’ve had enough of crappy crime novels so I’m looking forward to delving into the books we got. I finished one this morning. Pretty much disagreed with all of the guys main premise but it’s good to think upon things that you disagree with. It can give you more respect for the other guys argument even if you think it's flawed and reading their reasoning can sometimes show errors in your own ways our pre-judgements you've had about theirs. Anyways, most don't care, however I like to think upon these things so it's fun to have some good stuff to read.

An amusing piece of information for you all. We ran three days on the wrong time. Yes, THREE whole days thinking it was a certain time when actually it was an hour earlier. We were wondering why people where looking at us funny for getting up at 7:30 in the morning and clanging our cereal bowls and so on. I soon found out why. Actually that's a lie. It wasn't soon. It was three days later. Jane was giving out about the clock in hungry jacks (australian burger king; forgive us) being the wrong time. I feigned interest and nodded, too interested in the fact that my burger was a bit on the thin side. We drove all day from Mooloolaba to a place called 1770 and arrived just in time at 6pm. When the girl hadn't closed the shop as I was leaving I had a strange feeling and asked her what time it was. She said 5. I said I thought it was 6. She looked at me strange. I asked her when the time changed. She said 'never!'/ I said "no, but when did the time change on the east coast?'. She said, actually she said nothing, just gave me a blank stare. Jane was hiding in the van. I figured that was the best place to be. I left with whatever dignity I had left and informed Jane of our 'misjudgment'. However, we have decided we are working on a better time cause it gets darker earlier being an hour behind so we're still cruising an hour ahead of everyone.

If there's wi-fi in the place we get to tonight I'll fill you in some more. For now we gotta pack up and sing some more Ronald Stein; he wrote 'On the Road Again'; Jane's favourite she says. I disagree that it's her favourite. It's one of her favourites at the moment amongst 'tie my kangaroo down sport' (she bursts into song whenever she see's the kangaroo sign on the road - they're more frequent than you think!); 'kookaburra sits in the old gum tree' and the theme to the Golden Girls. Thank you for being a friend....