Monday, March 23, 2009

Grand Slam

What can I say?
Myself and Jane got up at 4:15am to go to possibly the most degenerate bar in Sydney; the only one that seemed to be showing the Irish game and it just so happened to be around the corner from our hotel, nice one. It was packed so for the first 10 minutes or so we had to stand outside the window looking in like muppets until the bouncer came to his senses and let us in.
I’m sure all those reading this who watched the match can attest to it’s intensity. There were a few times I just wished it was over because it was so hard to cope watching a game that was so close and with so much at stake. 61 years waiting for a moment of history that this team has so richly deserved is pretty hard to watch when you know it could be snatched away from you with one kick of a ball. It so very nearly happened and all of us thought the ball was going over with the last kick until we saw the touch judge flags remain down and geordan murphy touch the ball down. To say the place went mental is understatement of the year. Very entertaining. A genuinely emotional moment.
The street was full of dancing Irish people at 6:30am which was a site to see.
Definitely memories to last a lifetime.