Monday, March 23, 2009

Hillsong experience...

Saturday evening myself and Jane had the immense pleasure of going to Hillsong church in Sydney. They have two main service venues and about 30 other networks. The main place is in a suburb called the Hills (now I get why it’s called Hillsong!) and the other place is relatively close to the city and I think that’s were it originally started. We went to the one near the city. What a blessing and well worth the 5k walk! I think there’s probably a capacity of 400 people as opposed to about 10,000 in the hills. The place was packed and you could sense that most people who where there were excited about worshipping Jesus. Old and young gathered together as well as many different nationalities (translation was provided for a couple of different languages and sign language for the deaf).
The worship was outstanding. We didn’t know any of the songs but it didn’t matter. When you’re in a room with 400 people singing their hearts out and the guys on stage are obviously loving worshipping Jesus it’s very easy to enjoy the presence of God. Room to breathe, room to sing (shout) out your own praises to God, room to dance. Loved it. I also loved that the musicianship was excellent. Those guys and girls can play and sing.
The whole production was excellent. A lot of people moan that it’s too exuberant and elaborate but I love when things are done well and when you have people in your church who are creative and can give glory to Jesus through the arts and doing things excellently; let them do it.
The preaching was excellent. It definitely wasn’t just life coaching as a lot of naysayers say hillsong is all about. Full of scripture and extremely practical.
It really seems like these guys are reaching out to the local community and doing so much for the poor and broken hearted of Sydney and much farther afield. Faith without deeds is dead and these guys appear to really have that approach.
I’m sure there’s plenty of mistakes these guys make but I’m not called to judge them. My only experience of them is that their music has richly blessed me and my time fellowshipping with them was wonderful. It was hugely refreshing and we really can’t wait for church next Saturday and also very much looking forward to next Sunday as they are recording a live album which will be wonderful to be a part of.

If you’re not familiar with their tunes here’s my top ten according to my play count on itunes...
From the Inside out; More than Life; Came To The Rescue; Saviour King; Fire Fall Down; The Stand; Hosanna; Mighty to Save; Devotion; Salvation is Here.