Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chance Encounters

We woke up very early this morning to that view outside our van. I was waiting for the trumpet to sound and Jesus to come storming through on his horse, but alas we live to fight another day! No photoshop was used in the editing of the picture.
I watched a mix of iraqi, German and Australian video streaming of the Liverpool Chelsea game this morning. What a downer. Yeah it was an amazing game of football, but it doesn't matter when the outcome is that you're a loser!
We spent most of the morning infact all of it, reading. 2 Corinthians 5 about a million times, as well as Hebrews 11 and Matthew 5 & 6. Shivers. Jane's reading a cracking book called "Developing a Supernatural Lifestyle" and I'm reading a book called "Extravagant Worship", perhaps I'll review them properly another time. The book I'm reading is great but I can't wait for Jane to finish hers cause it's sounds awesome. Mind you I pretty much have all the info cause every page Jane turns she says "can I just read this little bit too...".
After a tasty lunch of leftover bolognese from last night on some tasty bread (nicer than it sounds when you live in a hiace!) we went on a mission to get Jane a haircut. I think it's lovely how it is but Jane had the urge. No where would take her so we figured we'd just go for coffee. We walked past a place we'd never been to before and a woman from the church we were at on Sunday came out calling my name. Fay is her name and her and her husband Dave were in having coffee with a Pastor friend of theirs called Danny. Danny Steel I may add - what a name! We had such a wonderful time. So encouraging to hear some of their stories about what Jesus has done in their lifes. This lady who met us once made the effort to get out of her seat, call us and invite us into the coffee shop for a chat (and some tasty coffee I may add). It's the small kingdom acts that can make such a difference. I love talking to older wiser people in the faith who are still so boldly pushing on to make His name known and to encounter Him in a real way. They seemed well on to it.
I love moments like that. It's like God arranges for the hairdressers to tell us to go away and us to walk down a random street and Fay to be obedient to the push in her heart to run out to say hi. We loved it.
If there's someone you think you should mail, or that person you haven't gone for coffee with that you know you should. Ring, e-mail, text them. Today. It could seem like a small thing to you but a big kingdom act to them.