Monday, April 27, 2009

If you want to kiss the sky, better learn how to kneel

Today it rained for the second time on our trip to New Zealand. Well, it’s been raining since last night. We don’t mind really. Although I’ve discovered three things that are very annoying as a result of the rain when in a campervan
1. Needing to go to the toilet in the middle of the night but knowing if you go
outside to the toilet you’ll have to run and you’ll get very wet. I didn’t go.
2. The windows were wet for most of the morning. Inside. Not cool.
3. Bottom of jeans being wet, that one reminded me of home.

I had a brief moment of wanting to be at home in our cosy house but it didn’t last long when Jane reminded me that I’ll be home and wishing I was here!
Our brains have been on overload the past couple of weeks. God has continually been talking to us and teaching us more about what it means to follow him and it’s been very exciting knowing more and more that life with Jesus will be an adventure. We did get to the point yesterday of information overload in terms of our reading and podcast listening. Only so much you can take in. I think God is reminding us to reflect on what he’s being saying rather than rush on for more info on certain things.

Went for a coffee today and ended up meeting some people from church who joined us for some banter. Was great. We went out for banter last night and Jane was out the other night with some girlie friends. Strange that it’s starting to feel like home here. Waking up at 2am to watch Liverpool vs Hull via Spanish commentary was a quick reminder on Saturday night that it’s definitely not home! At least we won and it wasn’t another 4-4 draw. I wish my grandad was around to see Liverpool having even a slight chance of winning the premiership. He’s been waiting for years to be able to join me in having one up on my brothers supporting of Man Utd. I’m still hoping...

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