Tuesday, April 28, 2009

it's nothing as it seems...

This morning I woke up and went on line to see did Newcastle loose. They drew, it made me happy because I want them to go down. They deserve to go down. Anyways in my inbox is a message from Pearl Jam telling me they're coming to Europe. Hooray I thought until I saw it was a rubbish 4 dates. Holland, Germany and England twice. Still England is only a Ryanair flight away so I darted to the website and good good times I got tickets to both shows. Tres exciting.
The first show happens to be Jane's birthday. The hero that she is, she said she'd love to go to Pearl Jam on her birthday. Her wish will be granted. U2 for my birthday, Pearl Jam for Jane's.
Ryanair also provided flights for 20 euro for both of us to manchester and aer lingus was 30 euro for both of us back from London. Both including taxes and charges. I've no idea how it was so cheap either! It's like it was made to be.
Just thought I'd share that I'm going to see my favourite band twice this summer and I'm stoked.