Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Last week we stayed with Jane's relations in Sydney. They are the loveliest family, 12 year old Sean, 16 year old Sophie and parents Glenn and Kate. It was so lovely to have proper home made dinners and to have good conversation around a dining room table. As you can see from the photo's we got to do plenty of tourist things around Sydney. It really is a beautiful city. Quite surreal standing outside the Opera house, an iconic building I've seen many a time on tv especially at 2pm on New Years Eve watching those killer fire works on sky news.

That's a big gigamongous cruise ship at the bottom left of the photo. It's so cool to see a big monster ship right at the city. There were a couple of different one's there during our stay. We took a trip out to Manley beach one day on a boat, really nice cruising with a lovely view. I was hoping to see a shark attack but that didn't happen. Shame. I was going to delete that line but I may as well leave it in to give you an insight into the sordid working's of my brain. The main reason I wanted to see one was so we can say our only line that works with our shockingly bad australian accents "Get outta the water (pronounced wawtta), shark attack". Jane is particularly good at it.

One day as we were walking to the Opera house I heard a northern irish accent behind me asking his friend when was he going for a swim, I turned to see who had the familiar accent. Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol it was. I was going to stop him for a chat but you know the Irish way. Leave him to it.

That evening we met Glenn for drinks on a rooftop bar over looking the city. Really nice. We then walked Sydney harbour bridge which is where the photo from the top of the blog comes from. Amazing views. We met the rest of the family for take out at a park on the opposite side of the opera house with a great view of the city. The only two missing were the two dogs, Tilly and Matt. I strangely got to like them.

It was a really nice week to finish off our time in Australia which we still can't believe is over. It went so quick. Our last night was spent at the live Hillsong recording, I'll write about that in my next post.