Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wanaka Lighthouse

Sunday night myself and Jane went to a church here in the town we're staying in.
What a beautiful bunch of people! We LOVED it. So relaxed and fresh and warm and loving and full of the spirit of God.
A very simple service; worship followed by a talk. But man did they worship God. If I didn't believe in God and I walked into that place I would have been convinced that He is real. The joy in their hearts, the singing inspite of pain, the declarations of who He is. What He has done, what He is doing and what He will do. Again we knew no songs bar one (There is nothing like by Hillsong United a WINNER song) but it didn't matter. It was so easy to sing out to God. Just a guitar, two gorgeous voices and drums. Simple, but highly effective.
The message was pretty much one guys story of the last year and half of his time in Wanaka. Filled with God's provision, teaching, humbling and blessings all over this guy. Jesus was so real to him and his humility in wanting to bring kingdom principles into every area of his life was inspiring and so great to see. Love with no agenda.

After the service we were talking to some really lovely people and BAM one of them starts to prophesy over us. He was so on the mark that it was so obviously straight from the heart of God. No ambiguity just God speaking very very clearly through an obedient vessel. It was so exciting to have God speak directly to us. It's been a while since that's happened and I miss it. This is not the place to speak about what he said as I think somethings are best kept in the secret place between ourselves and God.
I'm astounded at how people can doubt the reality of God speaking to his children. I read once (from Bryan L I think) that most people are one experience away from being a charismatic. We could argue all day what a charismatic is but the point is; we hear all the time that the gifts are not for today and God doesn't speak to us through any other vessel but the Bible. If the people saying this were willing to step out of a comfort zone and ask for a direct encounter with God, they'd get it and man they'd never be the same again. We CANNOT be the same again after God speaks to us. After we encounter the TRUE and living God we cannot remain the same. It spurs us to action and it reminds us that God is a personal, relational God who is way more loving that we can possibly imagine.

We're not leaving this town for another while yet!

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