Friday, April 10, 2009


Monday we left the serenity of Lake Tekapo to erm more serenity in a place called Wanaka. The drive down as with every other bit of driving we've done here was spectacular. Plenty of opportunities to stop along the way for photo op's and the marvel at the beauty of the scenery.

The weather turned pretty much as we turned the corner into Wanaka. our first day was greated with miserable rain. Reminded us of home. The temperature has rapidly dropped as well so we've spent the last few days trying to find super cheap thermals. Wednesday it snowed. It didn't last long and as I write this the rain has subsided since yesterday morning and it's that nice crisp cold but sunny weather you get in Ireland in September.

Wanaka is a pretty small town and you can tell it's geared towards the snow and ski season. Everything is way too expensive. There is a local supermarket which is well priced so we're enjoying plenty of home cooked meals. Well, van cooked meals. The people are as friendly as everywhere else in New Zealand and the campsite we're in is fantastic.

We've taken a few drives as you could pretty much drive all day past the same scenery and still be mesmerised. As the weather has been fluctuating so has the scenery, snow capped mountains one day, clear the next.

There are a few walks that now the weather has cleared we're gonna take. My ankles still have shocking blisters on them from the last bit of mountain climbing I did but it was and will be well worth the pain.
Of for a drive now to hit a mountain to spend time with the one who created it.