Monday, May 11, 2009

grace makes beauty out of ugly things

Another week flies by. I think this past week was the quickest ever, seemed like 3 days and not 7! We had such a great time pretty much doing the same thing everyday. Reading, lunch, coffee, reading, dinner, reading, west wing, bed.
We're loving being blessed with having so much time. I don't think we've ever been so relaxed and just enjoying chilling out. God is still speaking to us so much and we're learning more and more every day. We've learned so much it's hard to keep up.
I had the privilege of speaking at church last night. I was asked to speak on what God has been teaching us. I feared I could have spoken all night so I narrowed it down to 3 things. Our identity in Christ, obedience to God/being the kingdom, and resting with the Father. Three things that have been key for us to learn while we've been away. We're just praying that we can apply them at home when we get back into the busyness of life.
We have a week left in Wanaka and then we drive to the north island and fly out to LA on May 26th. We will definitely be leaving here with a sadness in our hearts but we're looking forward to another adventure in the states. The weather has turned so well definitely be looking forward to some sun. It's pretty cold sleeping in a van when it's snowing outside.
We drove up to the top of one of the ski mountains to check it out. I don't think Jane actually thought I'd throw a snowball at her while she was taking a photo, her reaction was very entertaining. Wish I had a photo of that instead of my laughter...

Jane wasn't laughing as hard as I was!!