Monday, May 18, 2009

I don't want to talk about Him like He's not in the room

I can't believe our time in Wanaka is near over. We've been here 6 weeks today and it has by far been the highlight of our time away. We've been blessed this past week with being able to stay in a house with a friend from church although she's been away for most of the time. It's been great to have a bit of space. It'll be strange getting back in the van tomorrow morning to live in for another week.
We know God is taking us on a journey and has been speaking to us constantly. One of our prayers has been to see a miracle and for God to open our eyes to the supernatural. A couple of weeks ago we both saw an angel at church. Just sitting there down the back. It was one of those moments were I thought I was making it up until afterwards I said to Jane 'I think I saw an angel at church tonight' and she said 'Down the back on the left?'. 'eh...yep!'.
Friday night we were over with friends having an extremely tasty dinner and great chats. Hearing some of their stories was so encouraging. Having words for strangers they meet in shops and on the street. I love that kindof stuff. Not just 'Jesus loves you' words (Which can be awesome) but significant specific words. Such as Darren in a petrol station and God told him the guy behind the counter had just tried to commit suicide a few days previous and cried out to God 'if you're there, show me'. So Darren, freaked told his wife and of course had that feeling of 'man, I can't say that to this kid'. He obeyed and said it. He said to the kid 'God told me you tried to end your life and you wanted a sign from God. Well I'm it and we should talk'. How cool is that. That is what God is all about. Reaching into the depths of our pain and telling us he loves us. The kid left the counter crying his eyes out and Darren got to tell him about the amazing love and salvation he can have in Jesus.
In the conversation it came up that my back hurts, especially when I walk. Usually I hear from behind me 'Hey 2pac!' from Jane as I have this strange little limp bounce thing going on cause my left leg is shorter than the other. She says I look like a homie when I walk! All my jeans have these annoying rips on my left leg. Anyways, the guys we were with just said 'lets pray for it'. So I lay flat against the wall, put my legs side by side and my left was maybe a half inch shorter. We started praying and BAM my leg moves; half way there. We were all laughing so hard. We kept praying and Jane's reaction when it moved again was the best. Herself and Darren both said 'Did you see that?' and broke their hearts laughing. So my leg grew out and I felt the difference all day yesterday as I was walking.
You know the only sad thing about it though? I didn't want to write about it because I know that so many reading will think 'yeah whatever, a leg growing out; you're such a sucker'. Well, I don't care because I know it was the healing power of God. We then prayed for Jane's belly. She's had this pain every single night for the past 6 months. It can get real bad and very frustrating. We prayed for it and the presence of God was so tangible and God healed it. One girl definitely had the gift of healing as everytime she prayed or touched Jane her belly went crazy!
So God answered our prayers! We thought the miracle would be for someone else, we didn't realise it would be for us! We just want to walk in faith now and be able to bring Jesus into all situations that we're in.
Wanaka has been such an amazing experience and we're so excited for the next part of the journey.