Friday, June 5, 2009

hee, hee, ooohh....sha mon

So here we are on the last leg of our trip. We flew into LAX last week after a shocking flight (turbulence was awful, thank God for the angels on the wings!), picked up a car and headed straight for Santa Barbara. We stayed with Jane’s cousin and his family for a week and had a great time. They’re the loveliest family and it was great to spend time with their kids and to chat with them.
America has been a big shock to the system. I love spending time here but it is a million miles away from New Zealand. It’s hard to describe the subtle differences but the main differences are pretty easy to see and imagine. Two completely different worlds. I didn’t think I’d find it as hard as I have but I guess it’s the fact that New Zealand was too good. However, we know that we’re here and this is also a part of our journey so of course we’re choosing to enjoy ourselves and embrace the fact that we’re here. Having people to hang out with and chat with for our first week was great.
At the end of last week I got myself a new guitar. Very exciting. The guitar I have is nice but I knew a new one was a wise move. It has been so great to be able to play again. It had been far too long and I was yearning to be able to pick up my guitar and play some tunes. It made its debut with a little worship session for the kids in the family we were with; cute. I’m really praying for songs straight from the heart of God to come out through the guitar.
Speaking of music, I finally got Bell x1’s new ablum. It’s brilliant, also got Dave Matthews Band’s new album. I hope it grows on me, not quite sure how I feel about it yet. Twice while we were listening to it Jane wondered had they been listening to Metallica’s album with the symphony orchestra. I never thought she would be able to reference Metallica!! Why I Am is my favourite so far, killer riff.
We’re still loving Jesus Culture and Misty Edwards. I also got a guy called Jonathan David Helser, if you want to hear super raw worship music from a man who is obviously in love with Jesus I highly recommend it. Listen to ‘God of the Angel Armies’. Amazing amazing song.
We left Santa Barbara two days ago to hit Vegas. We thought Santa Barbara was a million miles from New Zealand, Vegas is a whole other world. It's definitely an experience, I'll tell more later.