Monday, June 15, 2009

Mammoth Lighthouse

After we left Vegas we figured we'd go one better than there and hit Death Valley. It's pretty much exactly what it says. A valley of death. Barren desert type land with scorching heat. It was cool enough to drive through but we've definitely seen better. Good to see the dry and arid places demons go to when they're cast out of people! It's not a place you'd want to run out of petrol in.

We had organised a place to stay in a town near enough to Death Valley which looked cool but for some reason when we turned to go towards that town Jane told me that we were not to go there. My tiredness from driving wasn't exactly enamored with her direction but as I know God speaks to her I figured I'd listen so we drove on for another two hours and ended up in a place called Lone Pine. While there we figured out that a town we had really wanted to visit but thought was all the way up in north california was only an hour and a half away. It's a place called Mammoth Lakes and is the original plant of the Lighthouse church we visited in New Zealand. We were so amazed at God's hand in leading us there despite google maps telling us it was near Oregon. Turns out there's a Mammoth and a Mammoth lakes, we had been searching for the former.

We stayed a night in Lone Pine and then drove to Mammoth which is a cute little skiing/snowboarding town with happens to have a great coffee shop! It's surprisingly high up and surprisingly cold. It had been 110 in Death Valley and today it was 50 degrees in Mammoth, that's a big difference. We booked into the cheapest place we coould find which happened to be a motel. First night Jane was pretty freaked so we prayed for God's protection and BAM I totally know he sent an angel to stand guard at our door. A big ass angel with pythons of steal and a sword that would take down anything that came at him!! I had a vision of all these demons that had been allowed into the room before rushing towards the door but as soon as they caught sight of the angel they fled. Jane went straight to sleep. It was cool. Weird but cool.

Today we drove to the lakes and walked around, it was so nice and peaceful to be out of a city. Tonight we had the awesome pleasure of going to the Lighthouse church. It was so great to be around people who dearly love Jesus. It was so encouraging to hear testimonies of miracles God has done and is doing and to hear people have words for each other. You can tell that the Pastors have such wonderful hearts for people and just want people to encounter Jesus. Not to just know about Him but to actually experience Him and know Him and to feel his love and hear his voice. We got to share briefly who we are. God gave me a word for the evening which I wasn't going to share until Jane turned to me and said 'do you have a word to share?'. I figured as I was a visitor it could have been inappropriate or whatever but I guess God told Jane to tell me to stop being self-conscious and to actually speak what he was telling me to say. It was exciting to again hear God's voice, act on it (with Janes prompting - she's good at that and especially good at hearing God's voice and knowing it's Him) and know it was actually the God of the universe speaking and using us to do it. Awesome.
It was great to chat to people after and really encouraging. One lady super generously asked us to come stay with her and her family for a few days. That's what kingdom people do! We felt so welcomed. Unfortunately we won't be staying at this lighthouse for 7 weeks, but we'll stay till Thursday, then hit Yosemite National Park and then up to Bethel Church in Redding. Good good times.


Eagleswings said...

What a wonderful combination you two are ... sounds like America had a few little surprises for you and glad you are finding them. :)
Love, Judith

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