Thursday, June 18, 2009


We've had a great couple of days. The couple we are staying with are the nicest people and we've had some really great chats with them. Hospitality is definitely one of the best kingdom things we can do. They are people who dearly love Jesus and it resonates. Their daughter even had words for us over dinner straight from the Fathers heart. It's been great here!
Tuesday we had a lovely day. We drove up to the lakes to spend time with Jesus and he showed up in a very real and tangible way separately to us. The stuff he said is for us to hold on to but we were so encouraged and I was so overwhelmed and still am at how Jesus keeps speaking to us in such concrete ways. He also made me laugh so hard, he has an amazing sense of humour!

Tuesday evening we went to the churches prayer & worship meeting and it was so cool. Turns out that part of what Jesus said to me earlier that day was an interpretation of a ladies dream in the church. We were both asked in the middle of worship to pray for the church. Both myself and Jane turned to each other and said 'Do you have anything to say?, cause I don't!" God then spoke very directly to Jane about what she was to say and then right before we were to pray he did the same to me. It was super exciting to see Jane continually being used in a prophetic way to speak very directly into peoples lives and in this case a church. A couple who are leaving the states to move to Hawaii were prayed for and God spoke outrageously clearly into their live and also used us to do so, things in which we could have never known, God said through us. It was so humbling and encouraging. It breaks my heart that people are so afraid of God speaking today, limiting his voice only to the scriptures. He's so much bigger than that, and more importantly he's so much more relational than that.
Yesterday we went to Yosemite National Park which is just astounding. It's 1,200 square miles of wonder. Waterfalls, granite cliffs, meadows, streams, bears, mountain lions; you get the picture. We just walked around and drove around for the day marveling at God's creation. It was spectacular. Apparently it's also a rock climbers dream - those guys are crazy. We got to chat to one of them and look through his telescope at his friends who where on their third day of a five day climb to the top of 'El Capitan'. Rather them than me!
Tonight we're going to the Pastors of the church for dinner which we're really looking forward to and then on to Bethel tomorrow, sweet!!!