Friday, July 17, 2009


We're home! The morning after we arrived home when we awoke Jane turned to me and said 'feels like it was a dream doesn't it?'. It did as I can't believe 6 months went by so quickly and that our time away far surpassed anything we could possibly have imagined.
It's strange being home, in so many ways it seems like nothing has changed while at the same time so much in us has changed.
We spent the last week of our trip in Houston, Texas with awesome friends. It was so great to see what God is doing through them and the impact they're having for the sake of his Kingdom. One of the ministries they are involved in is rescuing kids from extremely unhealthy (in all sense of the word) situations whether that is working alongside the mothers and empowering them to be better parents or prayerfully taking them and placing them in either temporary or full time foster placements. While we were there we got to see God rescue two kids from a truly awful situation and place them in a foster home that will nurture them and love them. It was amazing to see God's hand in it all and how our friends are being so evidently used and self sacrificial. We also got to do planning meetings for Teen Street the conference myself and Jane help out with in Germany. It was so great to see what God has been speaking to Josh and Debs about what he wants them to say to the teenagers. We're looking forward to being a part of what He wants to do and hopefully to impact some lives!
Apart from all our friends in North Houston we also got to catch up with Hoey and Kara in downtown Houston. It was more than awesome to get to spend time with them. Hoey was my housemate for a few years until we both got married! He's now living in the states so it was great to get to spend time with him and his lovely wife. Mighty banter and precious times. His mom and dad where visiting as well so we got to party on the 4th of July with them which was great.
Being home and getting to see family again has been wonderful. We feel like we could have stayed away for plenty more time but we did miss seeing our families and close friends so that's been a great thing about coming home. We're also making sure we don't see this as the end of a season but as the beginning of a new one. We know for sure that God is stirring something here and we're excited to be a part of what He's going to do. What exactly that is we don't know, but we do know we're hungry for His presence and that He's going to do more than we could possibly imagine.