Sunday, September 20, 2009

More sloppy wet kisses!!

I wrote about the line 'a sloppy wet kiss' a while ago here. Well John Mark McMillan has written his own take on the issue. He's the author of the song so he has a bit more authority to talk about it than me. Although he'd actually probably disagree with me there
it honestly doesn’t really belong to me, or Kim Walker, or David Crowder. It belongs to them (the listeners)

You can read what he has to say here. It's a great read and I'm glad he wrote about it. If you don't want to read the whole blog, his final words are:

I applaud David for changing the line to serve his people, and at the same time I boo the machinery that would cause him to have to do so.

I still have my own convictions and think if you're going to sing the song, sing the whole song and allow the true meaning of it to saturate you. What are we so afraid of??

"Polarize people. If you create something great you will create controversy. Better for people to love or hate your product than be indifferent to it."

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Morning songs...

I don't care what the world may say, I believe. I believe that you're more real than what my eyes, they can see.

Click here to listen to God of the Angel Armies

There are two songs that I put on first thing in the morning. 'You are Faithful' and 'God of the Angel Armies'. Particularly the latter which has has been my (our) soundtrack for the last few months. I can't get enough of the song. The only problem is it wrecks me. The raw honesty of Jonathan David Helser and his wife Melissa is heart wrenching in the best possible sense. When she sings "you didn't have to come, but you did and I'm thankful Lord" from the depths of her heart it gets mine everytime. The song is full of awesome truths about who our God is.
Don't listen to the song in the background, plug your headphones in click on the link to hear the full song and let it minister to you. Believe the truths of what he sings about, all 15 minutes worth of it!!

The other song that's getting me at the moment is 'You Are Faithful' which is on the new Jesus Culture album 'Consumed', it's sung by Kim Walker-Smith. Check out the clip on youtube (click here if you're reading this on facebook). It needs no explanation.

I'll keep trusting you...for I know You are faithful, my God.